8 de janeiro de 2011

“I’m able to tell you only one thing. What we are trying to do is more and more and more pure cinema, which is maybe less and less and less story, less and less details, and of course, I really would like to go deeper and deeper and deeper in the human soul. I want to understand something because I’m always just discovering, discovering, discovering something, some new thing, some new possibilities in the film language. Of course, I keep some things but I’m always finding new things I can use. I really like to listen to people. I don’t like the artificial anymore. I want to go in like a miner, deeper and deeper. That’s what I think. That’s why I think I can do it always in one way if I’m more and more simple. What we are doing, it’s really on the edge. It’s a risk.”

Béla Tarr

Retirado daqui que por sua vez foi retirado daqui.

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Unknown disse...

Vendo os seus filmes, percebe-se o que quer dizer Tarr com estas palavras.